February 20, 2018

About Us

Hello we are Shawn and Kelly Hodgson. We are entrepreneurs and have been self employed for many years. Between Shawn’s extensive entrepreneurial skills and Kelly’s business management background we have grown to be a very well balanced team. We have been self employed for many years and have had our share of  successes and failures. Along with failure comes a lot of experience. Please go to our blog as we are updating it constantly click here for our developments.

about 1Shawn was born and raised in Elyria, Ohio.  From the tender age of 9 he began to show his entrepreneurial side!  His Grandma Webber purchased a small chocolate making kit that had a few molds in it so he could play with it. Well this turned into an obsession once he made a few chocolate suckers and put them in sandwich bags then went door to door selling them for $.75 each. They sold fast! Then he started to figure out that he could turn a $2 Dollar pound of chocolate into $25 dollars. This got him into more and more different kinds of chocolate making like chocolate covered cherries, peanut butter cups and chocolate covered strawberries. Before he knew it he had pre- orders of everything he made and was making $2500 during each holiday. Between his chocolate business and mowing lawns in the summer he was able to put away quite a bit of money between the years of 10-18.  This allowed him to purchase his first rental house at the age of 18. By the time he was 20 he had 2 rental homes. They had gone up in value and he decided to sell everything and start over down south and move to Fripp Island, South Carolina in the United States.  At that time Shawn had also just had a son, Philip who is now 19 and currently in his Sophomore year at Ohio University studying Chemical Engineering.

about 2Once in South Carolina, Shawn then started another business where he went to the local dealerships and cosmetically repaired cars. For example if there was a scuff on the bumper he would repair the damage on the bumper then he had a PPG paint mixing system where he would match the paint and repainted the bumper so it was like new. We also did many other things like fix tears in leather seats and fixed quarter size dents on the car by doing paint-less dent repair. Shawn did this business for 10 years then sold it to someone that was apprenticing him to take over the business.

Kelly was born and raised in Connecticut.  She is the youngest of six children and had known from a very young age that Hospitality/Management was her thing!  From the age of 11 during the Summer months she began to babysit and did that with great success and fortune until the age of 16 when she received her driver’s license. During her years in high school she worked at the Ethan Allen Inn, a local hotel as a part time concierge.  This was her deciding factor to attend college for Hotel Restaurant Management in Switzerland at Ecole Les Roches. Once she graduated high school in June she was on a plane that July and had never been out of the United States! During her four years there it was required that she work in Switzerland during each year of her schooling.  She chose each year to work in Zurich.  After she graduated she was able to work in Hong Kong for a year at the The Peninsula Hotel. After Hong Kong she had the opportunity to work in the Philippines at the Peninsula Hotel as well for another year.

She then returned to the US and began working at a boutiques hotel, The Mark in New York City.  This hotel catered to mainly movie stars, musicians and royalty.  After suffering two apartment fires in less than one year and losing all her belongings twice she decided to move out of the city.  She decided on a quieter setting to be closer to her parents in South Carolina. Upon moving to South Carolina she bought into an Italian restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. This restaurant become very profitable, which gave her the opportunity to sell her share. She then took some time for herself and decided to take a position at a premier oceanfront resort called The Fripp Island Resort also in South Carolina.  This island is also where well known movies such as “Forrest Gump”, “The Prince of Tides”, “GI Jane” and “The Jungle Book” were filmed. Most of all this island is special because it is where Shawn and Kelly met!

about 3Between Shawn’s entrepreneurial qualities and Kelly’s Hospitality Management experience they have grown to be a very well balanced team!

Our little team then got involved in patenting glow products. We now own over 10 patents on Glow products. In doing this we have brought products to market with Crayola and our Glow drink ware is also something we patented  www.glowcup.com and distribute worldwide. Along with these products are glow sand and glow hair gel.www.voltagehairgel.com  these are true glowing products not using black light.

So now we have two very successful businesses that are running themselves with little input from us. This is why we were looking to find another business that would give us the freedom of going anywhere we wanted as long as we had internet access. That is when we found SFM and started our Digital lifestyle. It was the best thing we have ever done out of all the businesses that we have started this is far the best low start-up costs with big rewards!  We wanted a business that we could really inspire others too unlock their inner entrepreneur.

Results described are not typical and will vary.

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